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How To Get Pakistan Birth Certificate Online?

You can get a Pakistan registered birth certificate with a simple online procedure. This certificate can be obtained quite easily now in the year 2022.

These are simple steps to get your pakistan birth certificate online:

  1. NICOP or CNIC
  2. Parents ID Card Copy
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Municipal or Hospital Birth Record
  5. Late Birth Registration
  6. Birth Affidavit

Birth documents can be obtained with this procedure. Birth certificate fees depend upon the age when the birth certificate registration is being applied. The government of pakistan has now started an online birth registration system in 2022.Where you can verify your pakistani birth certificate online easily. you can also directly get in contact here.

Where you can get birth certificate from pakistan online?

There are several ways you can get a birth certificate from Pakistan online. One of the best procedures to obtain your birth document from Pakistan is to apply with online registration first.

These are the major steps to get birth certificate from pakistan online:

  1. Sign up to birth registration portal
  2. Submit online application or child registration form
  3. Pay fees online or bank draft
  4. Attach hospital birth record
  5. Get your documents couriered to your home address

Who are eligible to apply for pakistan birth certificate online?

Any citizen of Pakistan is eligible to apply online for pakistan birth certificate. It also requires proof of evidence such as id card of pakistan to apply for birth certificate

How can i apply for birth certificate pakistan online from overseas?

If you are a citizen of Pakistan and living in overseas countries. You can still apply online for a birth certificate in pakistan. The procedure will varry according to the current foreign country you are staying in.

How can i get birth certificate pakistan online from United States?

Citizens of Pakistan can easily apply for birth certificates online. The requirements to get birth certificate from pakistan, immigration or state department in united states are:

  • National Identity Card (NICOP)
  • Mother Identity Card Copy
  • Father Identity Card Copy
  • Hospital Birth Registration Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Affidavit Of Birth Place Residence
  • Date of Birth Certificate

What is the procedure to apply for a birth certificate in Pakistan online?

The requirements and procedure to apply for a birth certificate from pakistan online are based on 5 simple steps.

These steps follow the guideline and fees Nadra registration authority in Pakistan.

  1. Apply online Fill in the Application Birth Form
  2. Provide Legal parents proof documents
  3. Attach hospital birth or municipal birth record
  4. Pay bank challan fees.
  5. Receive token number to obtain computerized birth certificate

What are the requirements to get a birth certificate from pakistan online?

You need to be a Pakistani citizen to apply for a birth certificate from pakistan.

Hence, the required document for applying online are as follows:

  1. Proof of birth paper
  2. Parents CNIC
  3. Applicant CNIC or Nicop
  4. Child Registration Certificate
  5. Hospital record of birth
  6. Affidavit letter
  7. Birth application form
  8. Birth certificate fees

How can I correct the name or date of birth certificate pakistan online?

If you were issued a nadra birth certificate from pakistan with wrong spelling or name. You can still get it corrected within 6 months from the date of issuance.

Sometimes correction may also be required if parents or applicant name or dates are mistakenly written. Hence, it is necessary to have your birth certificate the same as your Pakistani identity card and Passport.

On the other hand, you can get corrections from the union council office or the nadra certificate issuance authority from pakistan.

  1. Documents Required
  2. Birth Correction Application
  3. Proof of evidence Original birth certificate
  4. Birth certificate pakistan correction fees
  5. Courier fees (optional)

You can also get your birth certificate attestation from ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan can be required for verification by states department or embassy of Pakistan in foreign countries.

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